March 2022

Minutes of the Crowcombe Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 10th March 2022.

at The Crowcombe hall commencing at 6.30pm.


            Cllrs T Brooks(chair), Cllr T Hughes, Cllr J Laver, Cllr S Ford, Cllr R Druitt, Cllr B Martin-Vigor, Cllr A Trollope-Bellew, Clerk M Catchpole. One member of the public


20/22 Apologies of Absence

            Cllr C Lawrence, Cllr R Druitt, Cllr S Ford, Cllr J Laver


21/22 Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

            Cllr A T-B item 13 Planning

22/22 Co-option of new Councillor

Mr Anthony Trollope-Bellew was co-opted onto the Parish Council by Cllr T Brooks, Cllr B Martin-Vigor and Cllr T Hughes.

23/22 Public Participation


24/22 County Councillor Report


25/22 District Councillor Report

            Cllr A T-B spoke informed the PC that the budget has been set using reserves, this will be the last from Somerset West and Taunton, and progress is being made with the new unitary council. Some Rubbish collections have been altered this is to save money and other benefits.  There’s is going to be some controlled burning on the Quantocks over the next few weeks this is to encourage new growth. Cllr A T-B also spoke about Chris Edwards Manager for the ANOB (Area of outstanding Natural Beauty) who will be retiring from post on the 8th of April he will be replaced by Ian Porter who has taken on the role in the past when C Edwards was involved in another project.

26/22 Minutes of 13th January 2022

            These where approved and signed.


27/22 Highways

a)    None apart from potholes – mainly at top end of Village, also a very deep one by the Village Hall, Stickle Cross, these have previously been reported to Highways.

b)    Accidents – none to report

28/22 Play area

a)    the weekly inspection - nothing to report.

      b)  all old equipment has now been removed.

c)    Cllr TB has received three quotes for the replacement equipment, Red lynch have sent in two quotes£3,150.00 and £8,000 multi-Sport £5,000.00.  Clerk to make inquiry’s for obtaining a grant.

d)     The fencing at the bottom corner of the play area Clerk has received a quote from Countrywide for £900.00. we are awaiting a Further quote from Rodway fencing; Cllr T Brooks has emailed.

Member of the Public left meeting 7.10pm

29/22 Fingerpost update and Village Signs update

The fingerpost at Leigh is now ready, the post at Headon Oak are still work in progress as the weather is need to completed and also the signs for Water Lane Stickle will be completed when the weather improves.

The Village signs these are going to cost £1,500.00 each, the stone will be Capton stone there may be some further cost if we must apply for a highways permit.

30/22 Footpaths

Clerk to report a post which is down in Raeburn’s Lane.

31/22 Finances



Amount £

Including VAT of


R D Foster (Removal of unsafe play equipment) Cheque 000877 already issued



Countrywide Ground Maintenance Ltd (Grass Cutting Play area) Cheque 000878already issued




Mr. Terry Hughes (removal of Tyres from play area) Cheque 000879




M Catchpole (Clerks expenses) Cheque 000880



M Catchpole (Clerks Salary Jan- Feb) Cheque 000881



Crowcombe Hall Hire 10/03/2022 Cheque 000882



Countrywide Ground Maintenance Ltd (Grass Cutting Play area) Cheque 000883





Receipts received.

£00.16 Bank Interest received

Total £00.16

Current Account



Business Account 1



£0.5 pence interest received

Business Account 2



£0.11 pence interest received

All Payments where approved, and bank reconciliation approved, receipts received where bank interest.

Countrywide are wishing to now have payment via baccs clerk to speak to them and organise with bank.

32/22 Planning

a)    Higil Lea the appeal for this application will close on 11th March 2022 so we are awaiting the decision on this.

b)    Quantock Orchard Caravan Park, enforcement have visited this site again but nothing further to report.

c)    3/07/22/004 Lawford Farm, Stickle Hill, Crowcombe TA4 4AL. raising of Chimney by 250mm, the PC felt that there was no need for a site visit as it is a vital planning application due to safety issues for the installation of a wood burner.

d)    3/07/22/002 Erection of 1 no detached dwelling with ancillary building, land west of Crowcombe House, Crowcombe Road, Crowcombe TA4 4AE. A site visit is to be arranged for Monday 14th March.

e)    3/07/22/007 Erection of agricultural building Roebuck Farm, Roebuck gate Lane to Leigh Farm Crowcombe TA4 4BN Site visit to be arranged for Monday 14th March.

33/22 Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations/road closures/signs/barriers

This is still work in progress, clerk to contact Brandon Tool Hire for road closure signs, Cllr Brooks will ask Cllr Ford if the PC can borrow 2 road barriers.  The Clerk will also draft some letter for residents to inform of road closure.

Cllr A T-B spoke about asking six local business to fund a oak tree for the Queens Jubilee these would be planted in Broad Meadow, and asked if the Pc would be willing to participate in this venture the PC agreed that it would be a good thing to take part in.

34/22 Residents welcome pack Crowcombe

The Clerk has a draft copy of the above and will circulate to all Cllrs.

                                                            Cllr B Martin-Vigor left the meeting at 7.55pm

35/22 Clerks Report

The Clerk spoke about the need to update the Bank mandate, but to leave until the elections are over as we may have a completely new council. The clerk spoke about the forthcoming elections which are being held on 5th May and she has the election papers, but because she lives outside the parish she will give to Cllr Brooks and inform absent Cllrs that they can collect from him.


36/22 Future topics/ meeting dates

The next meeting will be on 12th May in the Crowcombe hall at 6.30pm.  this will be the annual Meeting of the Parish Council; this meeting will be when the New Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected.

                        There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm

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