January 2022

Minutes of the Crowcombe Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 13th January 2022.

at The Crowcombe hall commencing at 6.30pm.


            Cllrs T Brooks(chair), Cllr T Hughes, Cllr J Laver, Cllr S Ford, Cllr R Druitt, Cllr B Martin-Vigor, Cllr A Trollope-Bellew, Clerk M Catchpole.


1/22 Apologies of Absence

            Cllr C Lawrence


2/22 Declaration of Interest/Dispensations

            Cllr A T-B in Crowcombe park gate Car park, and also did not speak on item 14 Dog walking area.

3/22 Public Participation


4/22 County Councillor Report

            Cllr Lawrence sent email and will Forward report which Clerk will circulate to all Councillors.

5/22 District Councillor Report

            Cllr A T-B spoke informed the PC that ‘Sort it More’ will come into effect by the end of February this will mean that most plastic waste can now be recycled reducing the black bin waste, the black bins will be collected every 3 weeks, all other waste will be every week including food waste, which has increased. Half of the waste in the black bags could be recycled and most of it is mainly food waste which can be used in the digester to convert to power. This new change will reduce the need for HGV drivers and missed collections which have been a problem because of Covid.  letters will be sent to Householder to inform of the new changes.

Taxi rates are to increase in the Taunton area there hasn’t been an increase for 10 years this will be a consultation with Taunton Town Council.

6/22 Minutes of 11th November 2022

            These where approved and signed.


7/22 Highways

a)    None apart from potholes – Roebuck Lane is very bad with potholes and Stickle Lane, some are down to the base course there seems to be no sub structure, TB will take some photos and report to highways. Also a few are appearing in the Village.

b)    Accidents – none to report

8/22 Playarea

a)    The weekly inspection - play area is very wet now but apart from the ongoing issues with the area there is nothing to report.

b)  everything from the far side of the tunnel is to be removed and remove     everything to the left of path.

c)    Cllr TB and Clerk meet with two local contractors who have declined to help with play area repairs. The Clerk has been in touch with some play area equipment providers to try and obtain some quotes for these repairs she is still awaiting to hear from them. Also, it was thought that the wooden post which go into the ground should be encased in metal. Cllr Laver suggested that the Clerk speak to Bicknoller PC as they have just had some new equipment and perhaps Vivary Park which would be Taunton Council. Also, clerk to ask the Countrywide maintenance team if they might be able to assist with theses repairs, and perhaps Parsons Ground Maintenance repairs. 

d)     The fencing at the bottom corner of the play area needs some attention as there is just one post holding it up, clerk to get in touch with countrywide. Cllr AB asked Cllr A T-B about the repairs to the fencing entrance post at the Village hall car park, Cllr A T-B said he would make inquiries and get it repaired.

9/22 Electric Charging Point

Cllr SF and Cllr JL, have no further information on this, somerset and West Taunton have installed some in Taunton.

10/22 Fingerpost Update

Mrs Reinholds is still carrying out her maintenance.  Stickle Hill, Water Lane and Leigh are all ready and will be put up when weather improves the post at Leigh has been moved. The broken finger from Heddon Oak Mrs Reinholds has and her husband will try and repair. The Village signs will cost approximately £186.00 to tidy up.  Cllr AB has been in touch with Cerdic Foundry in Chard with reference to casing signs to be placed within sandstone, he has also been in touch with Somerset Forge who are interested in carrying out this work.

11/22 Footpaths

Nothing to report

12/22 Finances

a)      Payment to approve

Crowcombe Parish Council

Finances for 13th January 2022

Details of payments to be agreed as follows:



Amount £

Including VAT of


Countrywide Ground Maintenance Ltd (Grass Cutting Play area) Cheque 000865 already issued




Primary Care Supplies (Defibrillator Pads) Cheque 000865 already issued




Countrywide Ground Maintenance Ltd (Grass Cutting Play area) Cheque 867




J Scott (hedge Cut) Cheque 868




M Reinholds (Finger Post materials) Cheque 869




M Catchpole (Clerks expenses) Cheque 870



M Catchpole (Clerks Salary Nov- Dec) Cheque 871



Crowcombe Hall Hire 13/01/2022 Cheque 872



M Catchpole (ink cartridge) Cheque 873



Information Commissioner (GDPR/Data protection renewal) Cheque no 874



A H Trollope- Bellew (Ground rent Upper Townsend) Cheque no 875



Gerald Barons & Son (Move finger post) Cheque no 876






b)      Receipts received.

£00.09             Bank Interest received

Total £00.09

Current Account



Business Account 1



£0.03pence interest received

Business Account 2



£0.06 pence interest received

Clerk’s Expenses & Salary November & December 2021




11th November 2021

PC Meeting Crowcombe


08th December 2021

Meeting with Nick Singleton Crowcombe


15th December 2021`

Meeting with Nigel Ridler Crowcombe/and meeting with William Jenner Crowcombe Park Gate


Ink Cartridge


Nov/Dec 2021

Home working Cost




Clerk’s salary

24 Hours per Month

£11.08 hourly rate

November 2021


24 Hours per Month

£11.08 hourly rate

December 2021


Nov/Dec 2021

X 2 @ £265.92

Total Pay






c)      Approve bank Reconciliation

All Payments where approved, and bank reconciliation approved, receipts received where bank interest.

d)      Precept approval/any other financial matters.

The precept was approved, and it was agreed to set the financial year 2022/23 to 11,700.00 this is an increase of 2,63% which is the equivalent of £1.25 on a band D household.

13/22 Planning

a)    Higil Lea there has been no further activity on this site, PC to monitor.

b)    Quantock Orchard Caravan Park, Clerk to Ring Briony Waterman for further updates on this site.

c)    Crowcombe Park Gate Car Park, Cllr AB Cllr JL and the clerk meet with William Jenner just before Christmas, this was an informal meeting Mr Jenn just explained the layout of the new parking area, he also said some oak trees will need to be felled. And that the existing car parking area will have some extensive relandscaping i.e., heather matting to improve the damage which has been done by cars etc.  Cllr JL felt that not enough information has been shared with local people and that local people will not be happy about this proposed site.

14/22 Future dog exercise/walking field in Crowcombe

A Local resident has sent request in an email for a dog walking field in Crowcombe.  The resident has stated that there isn’t anywhere to exercise dogs off the lead without taking them out in the car to the Quantock or elsewhere.

There is also have the problem with dogs being stolen on the Quantocks and the cattle and sheep mess which dogs will eat.

a solution which other towns and villages have come up with is to rent a piece of land, fence it in and villagers can let their dogs off in safety. The landowner would be paid a rent for the use of his land and a working committee set up to run the scheme. The Parish Council felt that we do not have a need for this kind of facility, and we wouldn’t support this scheme.

15/22 Website update

            The Clerk and Cllr TB are still to meet with website designers this is due to holidays etc. Cllr TB to re arrange.

16/22 Residents welcome pack Crowcombe

It was agreed to construct a welcome pack for the village with information for the various organisations within Crowcombe i.e., shop pub village hall etc. the clerk to make up these packs.


17/22 Clerks Report

.Tony and I meet with the handy men just before Christmas unfortunately they are not interested in carrying out the required work, so We are now back to the drawing board, but I have been in contact with several other companies who make play area equipment they also carry out repairs. So just awaiting quotes from these.

I have sent you all information about holding remote meetings (SALC) obviously this will take some time to go through the necessary channels parliament to be approved, so if you could all have a look at that and sign if you agree, with the proposal.  I think it would have its place but there is still the need to hold face to face meetings as not everyone has access to the internet mainly our older residents, and annual parish meetings etc. Tony James and I meet with Bill Jenman (William) at Crowcombe park gate, on the proposed site for the new car park this was an informal meeting, Mr Jenman just explained the layout of car park and the additional measures that will take place to try and repair some of the damage done by cars etc, this will a great improvement and hopefully will stop people parking all over the place and damaging the Quantocks.


18/22 Future meeting dates topics/update standing orders/plans and objectives for 2022

The next meeting will be on 10th March in the Crowcombe hall at 6.30pm.  The PC has received an email with reference to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we where asked if we have any plans for the Jubilee, or if we have any funds to support this celebration.

The parish Councillors have very limited time at their disposal, so they wouldn’t be able to help with any organisations, but the PC are willing to give a grant towards any funding required.

The PC have been asked by a resident of Crowcombe to have a look at planning application No 3/39/21/028 installation of ground mounted solar farm with battery storage and associated development. (Land north of the Transmitting Station, Washford Williton. And to give their views on this although it isn’t in our parish. The PC do not support this application.


Updating of standing orders this will be done after the forthcoming elections in May as will plans and objectives be discussed also.

19/22 Future Topics

The PC has been approached by Cllr A Trollope-Bellew to be co-opted onto the Parish Council this will take place at the next meeting in March.

                        There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm

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