Crowcombe Chest

The intention of this page is to explain what The Crowcombe Chest is, and its purpose.

Crowcombe is a wonderful village and there are many people who would like to say thank you to the village by donating or bequeathing money for the benefit of Crowcombe and its residents in future years. The Crowcombe Chest (The Fund) has been set up to make this possible.

It may take some time for The Fund to build up a sum from which it is possible to make donations and grants. When The Fund is of sufficient size, about £25,000, it is intended that Somerset Community Foundation will start to make grants available from the income generated by the fund. This will be on a long term sustainable basis; although in exceptional circumstances a limited amount of capital may be used. In short it will be a fund that keeps on giving to an umbrella of purposes and activities, such as:

• Local charities and voluntary organisations working in our community, where there is a specific funding requirement.

• Personal development for young people seeking apprenticeships or to further their education.

• Funding for essential village amenities or village events.

The capital will be managed and invested by Somerset Community Foundation (Charity No.1094446), and the Fund will be overseen by five Crowcombe residents known as the Custodians. Currently they are Dan Davis, Bob Druitt, Jonathan Denton (Chairman), Ben Fawden and Chris Lewis. There will be an AGM held annually in November each year.

If you would like to donate or bequeath money to The Fund please contact one of the Custodians, contact Somerset Community Foundation, or Justin Sargent their Chief Executive directly, 01749 344949, or download the necessary documents from here:

• Donation Form & Gift Aid Declaration (Printable Adobe PDF).

• Codicil (Printable Adobe PDF).

Any gifts will remain confidential unless the donor wishes them to be made public.

Jonathan Denton telephone: 01984 618320, or email: will be available to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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