May 12th 2022

The Annual Parish Council meeting is to be held on Thursday 12 th May 2022

in The Quantock Room, Crowcombe Hall, Crowcombe commencing at 6.30pm.


1. Election of Chairman and receive the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

2. To receive any apologies of absence

3. Co-option of additional Councillors.

4. Election of Vice Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance of Office

5. Public participation

6. County Councillor Report

7. District Councillor Report

8. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations/forms to be issued

9. Minutes to approve

a) Parish Council Meeting 10 th March

b) Planning meeting at Crowcombe House 14 th March

c) Planning meeting at Roebuck Farm 14 th March

10. Highways

a) Any issues to report

b) Any accidents in the Parish to report

c) Parking at Brendon View, virtual footpath

d) Hedge at Tithe Barn

11. Play Area

a) Weekly inspection reports

b) Any other matters regarding the Playground

c) Update on grant application

12. Footpaths

13. Bus shelters

14. Finances

a) Payments to approve

b) Receipts received

c) To approve year end Bank Reconciliation

d) Clerk national pay increase, to approve backdated pay

e) any other financial matters

15. Consider Internal Auditor's Report

16. Annual Return – approve Section 1, the Annual Governance Statement

17. Annual Return – approve Section 2, the accounting Statement

18. Approve the risk management report and Statement of Internal Controls

19. Agree Certificate of Exemption re Annual Return

20. Agree new code of conduct

21. Agree Standing orders

22. Planning

a) To approve extra- ordinary planning meeting minutes of 7 th May 2022; Planning application

3/07/22/012: Ladywell, Stogumber Road, Crowcombe, Taunton, TA4 4BH: Replacement side

extension with roof terrace and erection of single storey rear extension, conversion of loft to

include raising the eaves by 1m plus replacing hipped roof with gabled roof, installation of septic

tank, drainage field and drains and formation of track from access to the parking area to the

north-west of the dwelling (retention of works partly undertaken).

b) To approve extra- ordinary planning meeting minutes of 7 th May 2022; Planning application

3/07/22/010: Narnia, Flaxpool Hill, Crowcombe, TA4 4AW: Erection of extension to converted barn,

conversion of shelter sheds to ancillary accommodation with erection of garden workshop and

installation of renewable energy systems.

c) Any other issues.

23. Clerks Report

24. Grass Cutting, cost increase to approve

25. Future Meeting dates

Mel Catchpole, Clerk

06 th May 2022

Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of

its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and

Disorder, Health and Safety, and Human Rights.

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