Dance classes


Rah Cattell offers several dance classes in the Crowcombe Hall through her Dancemore school.


1.45pm – 2.15pm My First Dance Club

2.15pm – 3.15pm Stretch and Strengthen

4.15pm – 4.45pm Junior Ballet

4.45pm – 5.15pm Junior Street Dance

If you are tempted to try a class, but are not quite sure what is involved, I hope these will help. If you would like a chat about any class and how it might work for you or your child then do please get in touch right now –


This class is suitable for all ages and abilities as it is very low impact and each exercise can be taken at one’s own level and pace.  Specially designed movements  and sequences will enhance mobility, flexibility and core strength, working all the joints and the major and accessory muscle groups throughout the body. The results will include uplifted mood and focus, enhanced muscle tone, core strength and posture plus many other pleasant side effects. The class is bookended by a warm up and a cool down. Please wear loose or stretchy, comfortable clothing, bare feet or flexible shoes and bring a mat if you like one for floor work.


A joyful first experience of dance for pre-school children. Would your child like a reggae warm up, Captain Pugwash’s Piratey Exercises, the Gruffalo’s Funny Face Song, Minuet walks, William Tell’s Gallops, a game of musical statues, a classical ballet cool down….? Introducing a variety of musical flavours and dance styles with an emphasis on fun! Children should wear “happy” comfortable clothing and footwear allowing freedom of movement.


With an age range from four to eight years this class introduces a high standard of basic ballet technique without the rigour of an exam schedule. Benefits include learning discipline and dedication, ballet vocabulary, history and associated skills such as mime, grace of movement, self-expression, and confidence. The uniform for this class is Capezio cotton / lycra sleeveless regulation leotard in Lavender. Capezio Chiffon wrap over skirt in Lavender. Capezio long sleeved cotton lycra crossover cardigan in lavender is optional. Pink ballet socks and pink ballet shoes with elastics.


For age four to eight, this class teaches authentic street dance foundation steps and groove for popping, locking, breaking, hip hop and house. Children will learn technique and routines but also the social element of hip hop culture, how to feel the music and freestyle using the vocabulary of moves taught, plus their own creativity. Wear your own style of dance attire to this class ie T-shirt, leggings or track suit bottoms, caps, bandanas etc. plus trainers to protect the feet.


Dancemore – Tel: 07786 436616

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