Emergency services practice 20 November

Exmoor Search and Rescue have organised a practice scenario for multiple agencies on the Quantocks for the 20th November. This will be a practical task, based from Crowcombe School which will act as the monitoring centre with activity for the ‘search’ concentrating around Triscombe Quarry and surrounding areas. There will be members of all the Emergency Services present searching for casualties around the Triscombe area. Please be aware that activity of vehicles will be kept to a minimum and all personnel will be clearly marked as Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire or Search and Rescue) or in a hi-vis tabard (recognised observer i.e. doctor, specialists).

 If you have any issues please get in touch.

 Owen Jones – Partnership Ranger (Forestry Commission & Quantock Hills AONB Service) (Tuesday – Friday)

FC Office – Tel: 01278 732319

QH AONB Office – Tel: 01823 451884

Works Mobile: 07836 794 833