Defibrillator installation complete

The parish council is pleased to announce that the defibrillator is now installed on the wall outside the village shop.

Many thanks must be given to the shop, both for allowing the unit to be hung on their wall and for the generous grant awarded to the parish council that has enabled the defibrillator to be purchased.

The unit will be illuminated by a safety light to enable it to be easily located, both day and night.

The defibrillator, together with its code and location, is registered with the South West Ambulance Service. If anyone calls 999 reporting a potential cardiac incident within the advised radius of the defib location they will be informed of the location of the defibrillator and the access code to open the cabinet door. As well as the operator at the 999 call centre staying on the line giving advice until the ambulance arrives on scene, the defibrillator itself gives clear audible instructions to the user on how to proceed and will only shock a patient if it detects the correct feedback from the sensor pads once they are placed on the patient. It will not give a shock to a patient whose symptoms are not suitable for the treatment to be given and the defibrillator requires no first aid training or knowledge to be used.

Whilst it may seem strange that the access code will not be displayed, this is on the advice of the emergency services as the most important 1st action in the case of an incident is to call 999. If the cabinet is left unlocked or the code displayed, it is natural for a responder to try to use it on the patient as a first action, therefore delaying the chain events that ensures that an ambulance is on its way. Calling 999 as a 1st action ensures that the vital chain of events is triggered as soon as possible, giving the patient the best possible chance of a positive outcome.




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