Parish Councillors

Crowcombe Parish Council consists of seven parish councillors

Your current councillors are:

Tony Brooks (Chair)                              01984-618692

Martin Smith                                           01984-618738

Bob Druitt                                                01984-618369

Anthony Trollope-Bellew                      01984-618254

Rachel Druitt                                           01984-618369

Jim Laver                                                 01984-618338

The seventh places on the council is currently empty and is available to be filled by co-option. If anyone is interested in becoming a parish councillor

they are invited to contact either the clerk or the chairman for more details


The clerk to the parish council is Claire Morrison-Jones, who can be contacted

by email at

by telephone on  01823 601495

by post at The Orchard, Biscombe, Churchstanton, Taunton TA3 7PZ


Declaration of Councillors’ Interests