DIVISION 2 – FLOWERS   See Regulation 1


  1. 5 Stems of Sweet Peas, excluding everlasting.
  2. 3 Decorative Dahlias – one or more cultivar in one vase.
  3. A container of cut mixed garden flowers (to be judged on quality and variety).
  4. 3 Hydrangea stems- one or more variety.
  5. A Pelargonium grown in a pot.
  6. 3 Gladioli stems – any cultivar.
  7. A vase of foliage – overall space allowed (40cm x 40cm (16”x16”) no restriction on height)
  8. 3 Clematis blooms.
  9. 3 stems of berried shrubs.
  10. Vase of Roses, to be judged on both scent and appearance.
  11. A single bloom rose – undressed and not wired, to be judged on its merits as a garden Rose.
  12. A vase of cut flowers, any one colour – minimum of 3 varieties.

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