Author: Jill Loader

Crowcombe Parish Council draft Minutes 9th January 2020

Minutes PC Meeting 9th January 2020

Crowcombe Parish Council Meeting 9th January 2020

agenda 09 01 20

Crowcombe Parish Council Draft minutes 7th November 2019

Minutes PC Meeting7th November 2019

Crowcombe Parish Council minutes 5th September 2019

Minutes PC Meeting 5th September 2019

Crowcombe Parish Council minutes 18th July 2019

Minutes PC Meeting 18th July 2019

Crowcombe Parish Council Minutes 23rd May 2019

Minutes PC Meeting 23rd May 2019

New Clerk

Crowcombe Parish Council has a new Clerk.  Melanie Catchpole became our Clerk during the summer.  should you have any Parish issue you wish to discuss, with Melanie you can contact her on 01278 652695 email  she will be happy

Keeping the road clear!

On Saturday evening (3rd November) there was an instance in the village in the vicinity of Hagley’s Green/Brendon View where cars were parked on both sides of the road, restricting the road which prevented the Fire Brigade from passing through

Defibrillator installation complete

The parish council is pleased to announce that the defibrillator is now installed on the wall outside the village shop. Many thanks must be given to the shop, both for allowing the unit to be hung on their wall and

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